Clinical Trial Management System

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is defined as a system of softwares which are utilized and fictionalized in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for the purpose of managing the clinical trials in clinical research. The working of the system is to maintain and manage the functionality of planning, performing and reporting, along with the details about participant’s contact and mentioning the deadlines.

An Overview Of CTMS

The term clinical is used specifically with the pharmaceutical industries in order to refer the technology of trial automation. Basically, the terminology eclinical was utilized to signify any type of involved technology. Industries have found “eclinical” the best definition of all for defining technologies like their electronic data capture, their management systems on clinical trials or management system looking over trial supply i.e. Randomization. This all is done commonly by using Interactive Voice Response systems, electronically designed patient diaries and many other applications.

Recently, rather than encompassing an individual’s technology, the term is referred to encompass whole of the business process. For example, the eClinical solution compromises of a combination of EDC and IVR system, from where the common data between both of the system is shared in such a way that it eliminates the need of sharing the same data in both of the applications over and over again. The alteration in definition of eClinical is due to the reason that this field has been a natural part of all the revolutions faced by industries in order to find out better ways to utilize a number of technologies together in a better way under a clinical trial.

Start of Clinical Trial Management System  (CTMS)

Although the solutions of individuals were helpful enough to look over some particular application areas but maintaining a number of systems containing a large amount of data and its functionality was not an easy deal and inefficiencies were found in handling that data. This mismanagement made the industries realize that clinical trials are advantageous because those having responsibility to take a clinical trial always have an authentic and latest information. With the flow of time, the usage of relevant applications increased and greater number of EDC and other related technologies were installed, as a result the extent of problems and duplication of data also increased. Keeping all this in mind, the main objective of eClinical was to control and streamline the flow of work and avoid the duplication of data. Moreover, it also reduces the requirement of internal staff to input data resulting in increased productivity.

Purpose Of CTMS

The Clinical Trial Management System works as a digital dashboard for managers on trial which provides data to a business intelligence system. CTMS allows the expert users to typically reduce the rate of delayed trials by fast access to the centralized data. The sponsors are allowed to work with databases contacts which are researched previously and they are provided with a list of suitable volunteers which can participate in relative trial.

Clinical Trial Management System is a cost and time saving institution, as they sought out information from various parts of the world and provide to the practitioner as well as different systems.



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