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How to use Keranique

Keranique is intended to be used as a four-step treatment:

  • Cleanser for hair treatment
  • Condition For Healthy Hair
  • Re-Grow Your Hair
  • Protection & Styling

1st step: Cleanser for hair treatment

Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo may be a sulfate-free and dye-free formula that has keratin and ceramides, that company claims will promote hair and scalp health and end in stronger, thicker hair. The shampoo conjointly claims to scale back buildup whereas promoting microcirculation.

2nd step: Conditioner for Healthy Hair

It includes Keratin Amino complicated leaves a protecting protein layer on the hair’s cuticle to safeguard against external injury. Shields and protects hair’s natural protein.
Infuses hair with Keranique reviews protein Amino complicated that helps strengthen and fortify cutting hair, helps thicken every hair shaft, penetrates the shaft to assist repair the outer protecting layer and repair/mend split ends.Helps stimulate micro-circulation around the follicle to assist nourish the hair.Has wonderful compatibility with wet or dry hair, has resilience, strength and detangling properties. The cream-gel formula helps volumes cutting hair while not deliberation it down. No waxy build-up.it Improves hair strength and provides anti-breakage protection.

3rd step: Re-Grow Your Hair

While customary droppers are as yet accessible through client benefit or at retail stores, Keranique now gives a “Simple Precision Sprayer” in the greater part of its units. The organization guarantees this restrictive element is better at guiding the item to treatment regions.

The organization expresses that similarly as male pattern baldness happens after some time and is a procedure, so too is hair re-growth, in spite of the fact that they underline that hair re-growth can be normally observed in as meager as four months.  Clients ought to know that if the treatment is ceased, typical male pattern baldness will continue. Keranique additionally asks anybody experiencing a sickness of the heart and veins, or skin infection of the scalp, to counsel with their specialist before utilizing Minoxidil items.

Keranique develop this product for women, and it is important that they use the full-featured strength; Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment features 2% Minoxidil and promises to provide solution for hair loss. When used twice daily, we’re told this occurs by “promoting oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the hair follicles to make them stronger and help re-grow hair.”

4th step: Protection & Styling

Keranique air treatment offers two different styling products that help in hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier:

1st one is Lift and Repair Treatment Spray, which is labeled as an easy-to-use product that adds instant body and bounce, protects hair from high humidity and prevents frizz and flyaway for 24 hours. This product used for blow-drying after wash, holding for any style, and setting, as well as protecting from dryness, controlling and finishing any style. It will also help improve the strength of dry, weak, and thinning hair. It will protect your hair 24hrs from pollution.

The second one is the keranique hair regrowth treatment promises to protect hair from heat styling tools that cause dullness, breakage, split end , dryness, and damage.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Research

Clinical research is defined as a type of systematic study for presenting new medications in human subjects to further investigate and verify the Clinical, Pharmacological or even adverse effects with the aim of determining the efficiency and safety provided by the newly introduced drug.

Clinical research rate has largely grown all over the world in few years. It has also provided a vast area for employment to a large number of people. The markets assigned for Clinical Trials are worth more than US$ 45 billion all over the world and the employers employed for this cause are estimated upto 2,10,000 in United States and upto 70,000 in United Kingdom forming one-third of the total staff working in Research and Development. These large rates of employments are justifying the fact that this area has successfully provided a large number of employments.

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

All the clinical trials are held under the responsibility of Clinical Research Coordinator in the light of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Principal Investigator  (PI).

  • All the trials and researches are conducted legally as mentioned in the Declaration of Helsinki.
  • Science prevails all the rights and safety of the patients.
  • Trial can be supported by any clinical or non-clinical information or by any investigating agent.
  • All trials are to be scientifically approved and well described.
  • Institutional Review Board approvals are necessary for all the trials.
  • It is the responsibility of all the medical practitioners to take care of medical decisions.
  • All the employers involved in the clinical trial must be well educated and well trained.
  • All the documents regarding study must be recorded and stored for accurate reports and verification procedures.
  • Systems which assure the quality of Clinical trial are utilized.

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associate  (CRA) is one of the most important component in the process of designing and monitoring the clinical  trials and then preparation of relative medical reports, Investigational Device Exemptions  (IDE) reports, New Drug Application (NDA) reports and a lot more. It also plays a role in the writing and formatting of case reports and consent forms during the clinical trials. It is also responsible for the planning of all steps which are required to carry out some complex clinical trials and to make sure that Good Clinical Practices  (GCP) are being followed. They conduct visits at the sites, pre-study the researches and monitors all the activities which are being done. They make sure that whether the Case Reports Forms (CRF) are being reviewed on time and are being submitted to the group of data management or not. Also involved in the compiling of medical reports of INDs, IDEs etc. Furthermore, it is also employed in the preparation of presentations for scientific meetings and technical journals. Attend those scientific and professional meetings to make sure that everything is done accurately or not.

By all these efforts the quality of medication has proved to be far more better than before. The actual reason behind this difference is that these all facilities of Clinical researches were not available at that time and we are fortunate to enjoy all these facilities.

Clinical Research Ethics

Clinical Research Ethics are referred as a set of such ethics which are considered to play a vital role in the conductance of clinical trial for the field of clinical research. It adopts it’s ideas from a vast field of research ethics and medical ethics.

Clinical researches focuses largely on recognition and implementation of acceptable conditions which benefits the society on a large scale. The Nuremberg Code was the first international code containing a list of ethical principles for the field of clinical research. With the increase of research all over the world, World Health Organization forwarded a number of guidelines in the shape of Declaration of Helsinki in 1964. The ethical guidelines in US were forwarded after the discovering of Tuskegee Syphilis study in the form of Belmont Report.

Governance Of These Ethics

Generally, the clinical research ethics regarding any clinical trials are investigated by local Institutional Review Board. The working of Institutional Review Board is to understand the laws and regulations at local as well as national level and to act on all those law. The laws of each country are passed under the guideline of international principals, like the Belmont report according to which all the study participants involved in a clinical research have right to “respect for person”, “beneficence” and “justice”.

Rights Of Study Participants

There are some rights of participants which are employed for studying a clinical research. They have the right to demand for these points and are expected to be given all this, some of them are as follows :

  • The decision should be made by shared approvals
  • Privacy should be provided to the participants involved in research. Also, the private information of participants should be kept confidential.
  • Participants have the right to informed consent
  • They have the rights to return the results
  • They also have the right to withdraw the results
  • Respecting the rights of participants in order to change their mind to decide that the research is not matching their interests.

Vulnerable Populations

There are some ranges of rights which can be provided to the participants according to which they can show their participation in any sort of clinical  research. Informed consent are utilized for safeguarding the measures of rights which are to be provided to the participants in any clinical research. Those populations which have relatively low right as compared to the others are considered by the researchers as “vulnerable populations”.  The groups lying in vulnerable populations find it hard to fairly decide whether to take part in clinical trials or not. Some of the few examples of vulnerable populations are incarcerated persons, soldiers, prisoners, children, migrants or any other condition which may affects their rights, or any other population for which it is believed that the research study by them might be unfairly misleading. There are some ethical problems while using children in clinical trials.

 These clinical research ethics were forwarded in order to provide a guideline for the rights of researching participants and a lot more.

Clinical Trial Management System

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is defined as a system of softwares which are utilized and fictionalized in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for the purpose of managing the clinical trials in clinical research. The working of the system is to maintain and manage the functionality of planning, performing and reporting, along with the details about participant’s contact and mentioning the deadlines.

An Overview Of CTMS

The term clinical is used specifically with the pharmaceutical industries in order to refer the technology of trial automation. Basically, the terminology eclinical was utilized to signify any type of involved technology. Industries have found “eclinical” the best definition of all for defining technologies like their electronic data capture, their management systems on clinical trials or management system looking over trial supply i.e. Randomization. This all is done commonly by using Interactive Voice Response systems, electronically designed patient diaries and many other applications.

Recently, rather than encompassing an individual’s technology, the term is referred to encompass whole of the business process. For example, the eClinical solution compromises of a combination of EDC and IVR system, from where the common data between both of the system is shared in such a way that it eliminates the need of sharing the same data in both of the applications over and over again. The alteration in definition of eClinical is due to the reason that this field has been a natural part of all the revolutions faced by industries in order to find out better ways to utilize a number of technologies together in a better way under a clinical trial.

Start of Clinical Trial Management System  (CTMS)

Although the solutions of individuals were helpful enough to look over some particular application areas but maintaining a number of systems containing a large amount of data and its functionality was not an easy deal and inefficiencies were found in handling that data. This mismanagement made the industries realize that clinical trials are advantageous because those having responsibility to take a clinical trial always have an authentic and latest information. With the flow of time, the usage of relevant applications increased and greater number of EDC and other related technologies were installed, as a result the extent of problems and duplication of data also increased. Keeping all this in mind, the main objective of eClinical was to control and streamline the flow of work and avoid the duplication of data. Moreover, it also reduces the requirement of internal staff to input data resulting in increased productivity.

Purpose Of CTMS

The Clinical Trial Management System works as a digital dashboard for managers on trial which provides data to a business intelligence system. CTMS allows the expert users to typically reduce the rate of delayed trials by fast access to the centralized data. The sponsors are allowed to work with databases contacts which are researched previously and they are provided with a list of suitable volunteers which can participate in relative trial.

Clinical Trial Management System is a cost and time saving institution, as they sought out information from various parts of the world and provide to the practitioner as well as different systems.



Clinical Research

Clinical research is another branch of healthcare science which is utilized in determining and investigating the safety and effectiveness provided by a type of medication, clinical device, the products used for diagnosing any disease or disorder and the treatment regimens for the use of human. This all research may be useful in prevention of any type of disease, to provide a guideline to patients for treatment, diagnosis of a particular disease or for relieving and providing aid to  symptoms of a disease. Clinical  research is generally considered different from clinical practice. In clinical practice established, recognized and approved treatments are used while in clinical research observations and evidences are collected for establishment of a treatment.


The terminology “clinical  research” is referred as a research which gives the complete as well as brief bibliography regarding a drug or device. After the identification of candidate or a molecule for medication, it is further forward and subjected to preclinical studies or animal studies where the test article is investigated further like, about the safety and toxicity after its application and efficacy if possible, these all aspects are studied in brief.

Investigational New Drug (IND)

In United States (US) whenever a test article is not approved or forwarded by the Food and Drug Investigation  (FDA), or when an article after being approved and cleared is found to be used in a way that might gradually increases the risks (or gradually decreases the rate of acceptability of the risks) all the data collected from pre-clinical researches or bunch of other supporting observations over case studies are submitted in Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA to conduct such studies that are involving at least a person or an approved article.

Investigational Device Exemption  (IDE)

Where approvement of devices is aimed , then Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) is employed where it is assured that the device is not a significant risk for any one or the device is not in some way free from further submission to FDA.

Other Approves

Clinical Research in addition might be in requirement of Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Research Ethics Board (REB) and probably many other reviews from such institutional committees. Approvals from Privacy Board, Radioactive Drug Research Committee, Conflict of Interest Committee etc that whether the research deserves to be further forwarded to FDA or not.

Clinical Research Reviews

The reviews of Clinical research depends on the fact that on which federal regulations the relative research is subjected to and varies from the dependency of the institution on the type of federal regulations.


Clinical researches are conducted at academic medical centers as well as such research study sites which are affiliated. These centers facilitate with the advantage of working under an academic institution and the sites provide benefit of having access to large metropolitan areas as well as vast variety of medical participants. These academic institutions normally contains their own Institutional Review Board whose purpose is to look over the working and conduction on medical research.

Clinical research has proved to be a milestone in the aim of improving the quality of aid all over the world.